Windshield Repair

Stone Chip and Crack Repair

Our certified and experienced auto glass technicians can look at the glass stone chip in your windshield and advise you on the best route of replacement.  If your windshield has multiple stone chips, or the stone chip has run into a crack, we will advise you to replace your windshield.  If the stone chip is small, about the size of a quarter, we will be able to use our stone chip repair system and repair the chip in your windshield.  There are many types of stone chips that may occur in your windshield.  They include, but are not limited to, star, bullseye, half-moon and combination.


The first type of windshield break is called a star break.  A star break is a rock chip with multiple legs extending from the impact point. These repairs are very difficult to fix. Getting resin to flow to all ends of the break requires a very high viscosity resin and usually a windshield repair kit which can pull a vacuum. You can expect to still see the break after the repair is completed. When repaired properly the star break will not spread any farther.  Ask your auto glass professional or customer service rep about possible options before spending the time and money on this type of break.


The second type of rock chip  is called a bullseye break.  A bullseye break is a rock chip which looks like a circle. They are a common type of stone chip and our auto glass professionals will be able to repair these types of breaks with no problem.  These will most commonly leave little to no trace on your auto glass windshield once they have been properly sealed and cured.

Combination Break:

The third type of windshield break is a combination break.  The combination break is exactly what it say it is, a combination. It is a combination of a bullseye and a star break. These are very hard to repair because of the damage to the glass.  Our windshield repair technicians always use proper techniques, resin and windshield repair kit, we can make the appearance of these diminish but they hardly ever go away. Glass is usually chewed up and a large chunk of glass is usually missing. Talk to the technician about the break before deciding to repair or replace the windshield.

Half Bullseye:

The fourth type of stone chip is called a half moon break.  The half moon break is similar to the bullseye break except it does not make a complete circle. This break is also easily repaired by our auto glass professionals, and can be done within about 30 minutes. This break will usually disappear and will stop from spreading any further.