Solar window film

Norman's Glass and Auto Services are an approved Solar Gard window film dealer. We can supply and install all types of Solar Gard window film. Whether you need sun control, heat control, UV protection, wind borne debris or blast mitigation, our window film experts can help you identify the needs of your home or business. Some advantages of having a solar or safety window film applied to your windows at your commercial building or home windows at your residence:

-You can save up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs by assisting you to consume less energy.
-Solar window film provides solar heat and glare protection for improved comfort.
-Provides security by holding shards of glass together in the event of breakage or vandalism.
-A decent barrier from an intruder attempting to enter your home through breaking a window.
-Provides and enhances privacy
-Protects employees, furniture, home furnishings from damaging Ultra Violet Rays (UV Rays.)
-Enhances the image and feel of your building, gives you additional curb appeal for your building.

Contact our window film professionals for more information and possible tax credits for having a window film installed on your building or home. We will visit your building and provide a professional assessment of what window film would be best for your needs and wants.

In addition to solar window film, we have a wide array of custom and creative window film and are an approved Decorative Films vendor for use in your commercial building, office space, or home to create a private window, distraction markings and/or just break up an inbalance of decor and furnishings. We have a sign shop plotter and can professionally cut out Logos, markings, Namesakes, Business Names, Address numbers for use in and on your building and property. There are endless possibilities! Contact our window film division today!