Mirrors | Framed and Frameless

Project date: 
Friday, February 6, 2015

Norman's Glass can supply and install standard to custom mirrors.  Head on in to our showroom in the heart of Burlington Township.  We can supply top of the line framed mirrors, bathroom mirrors, kitchen mirrors.  We can custom cut and size mirror that your project requires.  From polished frame less mirrors to any size beveled mirror to a custom sandblasted design.  We carry standard clear mirror and bronze mirror in 1/4" & 1/8 thickness.  But we don't stop there!  From our suppliers, we can get any color of mirror that is fabricated.  Give our sales associates a call and see what is available!

Our professional glass and mirror installation crews have experience installing mirrors on walls, knee walls, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms to custom furniture and items.  Literally any supported wall and surface.  Whether a U-Channel is used or clips and mirror glue, you will not be disappointed.

Let us know if you require a safety backed mirror.  This includes applying a film to the painted surface of the mirror and holds the glass together in the event of breakage.  This application is used in restrooms, kitchens and anywhere else safety may be a concern.