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What happens to my inspection sticker when I have a new windshield installed?

Most of the time your inspection sticker is easily removed and re-glued to your new windshield. When this fails, you will need to return to the inspection authority of your state and, without re-inspection, they will install a new sticker.

My comprehensive insurance coverage has a $100.00 deductible. Will I have to pay the entire cost of the replacement glass and then submit your invoice to my insurance company?

No! Most insurance companies do not process glass claims. They have 3rd party 'networks' to handle the administration of auto glass claims. Norman's would handle your complete glass claim and guide you through the process. You would only be required to pay us your deductible.

I planned to have my car dealer replace my windshield. Why should I have Norman's Glass Company install my glass?

We are the glass department for over 65% of all the auto dealerships, body and repair shops within the communities of our facilities. In dealing directly with Norman's Glass Company, you will save money by eliminating the "middle man".

If this is the case, why don't I have the big glass chains install my glass?

Big usually means Cheap! The big glass chains usually will use off brand, non-original equipment, and imported glass in their installations. They usually work on a volume business approach, and reward their installers by getting their jobs done quickly. Norman's Glass Company uses quality glass and depends on repeat business. We reward our installers for quality work based on no call-backs.


PPG PROSTARS is an affiliation of approximately 800 premium glass shops across the United States that share information, technology, and new repair methods. We receive certifications through education courses. In the event you were to have a problem with an installation performed by a PPG PROSTAR shop anywhere in the country, an affiliate shop would assist you.

If I have a small tear in the seat of my car, does the entire seat cover need to be replaced?

Norman's can purchase as little as ½ yard of vinyl, cloth, or leather that will match the material in your car perfectly. We could remove your existing cover, cut out the torn section and insert the new material; you would then have a completely repaired cover, at a reduced cost.

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